Working From Home

Working from Home

Working from home is a dream that a lot of people have and wished they could do.

However not everyone could successfully work from their home for it takes self-discipline and strong mental attitude.

Choosing an Niche

There are all kinds of businesses that are run from people’s homes:

• Arts & crafts
• Fabrication
• Coaching
• Consultancy
• Import & Export
• Child Minding
• Blogging
• Canvassing
• Fundraising

The list goes on and on and with some organising and imagination there is really nothing that could not be done at home on a scale.

Things to Think about

• Depending on the country you, live you will have the laws and regulations that apply you will need to consider.

• You may also have to check the conditions of your mortgage, deeds or tenancy agreement to see if you can run a business from home.

• You may need insurance and licences, depending on the business, before you can start working.

• What are the tax implications and account requirements to operate?

• Have you checked with your neighbours and or local council?

• Where will you store your stock or materials if you are manufacturer items?

• What Health & Safety rules must you follow?

• What hours will you work?

• Will you use your own address as the business address or use an accountants or one of the firms that allows you to use theirs for a cost.

• As above the same question applies for your telephone number.

• What does your family think?

These are just some of the things you will have to think about and make a decision on.

Kind of Person

If you have always worked for an employer then you will have probably have had to work fixed hours and days for a salary.

When you are working for yourself you will need to decide what hours you will work and when, and you might also have your family to consider.

Not everyone has the self-discipline to work from home and it is all too easy to get distracted when you need to get the hours in at work.

Some people try working from home but give up because they miss the interaction with other people and generally you will be working alone.

The Downside

Here are some downsides to working for yourself:

• No more paid holidays
• No more paid sickness
• You have to manage your own accounts
• The buck stops with you
• Have to be self-motivating

Some Positives

• Work your own hours
• Work at your own pace
• Any profits are yours
• You make the decision
• No limitations
• Better for work\Life balance

The Quickest way To Start

You do not need any experience or knowledge to start working from home and earning money.

All you need is the guidance, support, help, energy, desire and using the resources you already possess.

The quickest way is to build on on-line business and you can learn how to do this at Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate full training, support and help is available and all you have to do is follow what you are taught and put the effort in.

Good Luck!

Bye from Stewart!