‘The Infinity Code’ the Honest Review

Name: The Infinity Code

Website: www. InfinityCode.com

Price: $1497 Product Official                                                                                  

Owner: Ryan Coisson and Daniel Audunsson

Training & Tools: Yes
Type of Work: Product Selling
The Infinity Code Price: $1497 Product Official
Bonuses: Yes
Money-Back Promise: 2 months

Overall Rank: 7/10 

I have read a lot of reviews on ‘The Infinity Code’ but I have struggled to find a totally open and unbiased review. Most of the reviews you will find are all written by someone who is an affiliate or involved in some way with the product.

This review is a completely unbiased review and I have no link to The Infinity Code in any way. All I aim to do in this article is give you information and my opinion on the products merits as an income opportunity. 

The Infinity Code

The product has only recently been launched, 29/03/2017, if we are to believe the information that is available.  However there are testimonials from students who have been active for over a year.

Ryan Coisson and Daniel Audunsson teamed up and utilized their experience of involvement in business and web based, resulting in the development of The Infinity Code System.

Ryan Coisson has over 10 years of internet marketing experience and has made over 1,500 websites to date.

Daniel Audunsson also has experience in internet marketing and selling products and has plenty of experience in Amazon Business. Daniel has been a CEO of a fortune 500 company before.

Ryan Coisson met Daniel Audunsson when he was seeking to lay out organized arrangements for his online Business, which had a lot of sites (a production line of sites). They made The Infinity Code Review to share their inconceivable information on business and web based promoting accomplishment with the world.

The Infinity Code is a mastermind tool suite that teaches you to setup and build a physical product business from zero To Success. Or you will get the full guidance to accelerate the profits of your existing business.

The Infinity Code actually focuses on Facebook and amazon. So using this platform you can do everything. The Infinity Code actually reveals the all secret of every 8-figure e-commerce business with their awesome mastermind training Program. Following The Infinity Code training one can easily understand the secret behind the massive success building a physical product business from zero level. As a result you can accelerate ones existing business profit.

What you get for your money is a structured training course comprising of numerous modules which cover:

  • Web design
  • Niche selection
  • Marketing                                                                             
  • Selling
  • Taxation
  • Business set up & Structure
  • Supply chain management

The code itself is split into 5 phases:

  1. Marketing and Niche Selection
  2. Data Mining
  3. Product Validation
  4. Sourcing and Data Research
  5. Product Projections.

The Good & the Bad


  • Structured Training course
  • Step by Step Instruction
  • Developed by experienced and successful people
  • Full support 24/7
  • Access to marketing tools
  • The ability to build a lifetime career
  • Money Back within first 2 months
  • Personalised Coaching
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Facebook Community
  • 25 Products ready to sell


  • If the launch date is correct then there is no success record as yet.
  • The product is very expensive at $1497 before any discounts.
  • At the price it rules out the person that needs to make extra money from the few, spare ours they have available

Who is this product for?

In my opinion this product is for the person that is looking for a complete career change and for the person that wants to work for them and from home.

I say work from home but if the claims that are made by the promotors of the product are accurate, then there is the risk that you are so successful you will need to employ staff and find business premises.

At the price charged I would say you will need to put the hours in to recover the initial outlay and make it worthwhile.

Tools & Training

The training course does look very comprehensive and structured and there are personal coaches available to guide you through the code.

Also provided are templates and the products for you to sell through amazon.

Closed Facebook Community


The support is 24hr and is by personalised access.

My opinion on The Infinity Code

In all honesty this is so far one of the best online money making schemes I have come across so far.

The training and support is well structured and appears to deliver what it says on the tin. I have no doubt that you can make money using the code if you follow the training and put what you learn into practice.

The Infinity Code is not a scam and has a money back guarantee if you are not happy.

I have only scored this 7/10 and my reason for this is the price charged to get involved. I do think that this will price out the people that I have set this site up to help.

The Infinity Code does not score as high as Wealthy Affiliate purely on price and the fact that it does not offer a way of testing the water for free, where Wealthy Affiliate does.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly free to join and get access to all the training, support and tools and I have yet to find another platform that gives you all this.

Product A at a glance

Name: The Infinity Code

Website: www. InfinityCode.com

Price: $1497 Product Official

Owner: Ryan Coisson and Daniel Audunsson

Training & Tools: Yes
Type of Work: Product Selling
The Infinity Code Price: $1497 Product Official
Bonuses: Yes
Money-Back Promise: 2 months

Overall Rank: 7/10 

Verdict: Fully legit and is a very good route to set up and run your own online business while having full support and training.

The only down side is the price for the product.



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Bye from Stewart!



  1. It seems you have given a fair and honest review of this program. I like the fact that you didn’t bash the company.

  2. sound like something not quite right there with that company. but with a fair review from you, I think your conclusion is spot on Too much up front

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