‘The Brit Method/Oxford Method’ Review

Name: The Brit method or Oxford method                        

Website: www. BritMethod.com

Price: Free with a Min deposit $250 to trade

Owner: Jason Taylor

Overall Rank: 0/10 

The Brit Method or Oxford Method and even the Brit Wealth system and is basically a piece of software that allows you to trade in binary option markets without having to make any decision for yourself.

The system claims to have algorithms and coding built in that is constantly analysing and collecting data on the markets and the deciding when to place trades.

There appears to be no requirement for any investment knowledge or experience as the software does it all for you.

There are testimonials on the site which do not appear, and all the testaments on Facebook take you back to the company website when you did deeper. 

The Brit Method

“You’ll just click your mouse a few times then sit back and watch the profits like this flow into your account. When you make money at this rate you will officially be able to call yourself a millionaire in less than a few weeks.”

This is statement is promoting The Brit Method, software that allows you to carry out binary trading.

Although sometimes dressed up as something that City traders might indulge in, it is nothing more than a type of gambling in which you bet on one of two possible outcomes, such as the price of a commodity going up or down.

Far from being free, the pitch later states that you’ll need to pay a deposit to a broker to start betting.

I’ve got plenty more quibbles.

There’s Jason Taylor himself. On similar sites abroad the same picture appears with the name changed.

On The Aussie Method he calls himself Jake Pertu, in Canada he’s Jake Mason. At a wild guess they’ve used a stock picture of someone with nothing to do with this.

The testimonials are also dubious and have seemingly been posted via Facebook. But if you click on them to try to get more details of the posters, you’re diverted back to The Brit Method sales pitch rather than Facebook itself.

And if you hover over the supposed posters, every one of them has the same job – “Director of Engineering at Hellwig Products”, the same Facebook cover photo – bizarrely a German tank from the Second World War, and they all live in “unidentified”.

I tried to sign up for free access but could not get access unless I made a deposit.

Within minutes of creating an account I received a call from someone trying to get me to deposit money to trade. I have been receiving calls ever since, from various different numbers, all trying to get me to part with my money.

The Good & the Bad

Beware of all the reviews that appear on the web. There are quite a lot of reviews like this that state that this method is not a scam.

But you will also find a number of articles that are clear that it is not what it claims to be.


I cannot find anything good about this scheme.


  • The claims to the money that can be made cannot be validated
  • The list of customer testimonials cannot be validated and appear false
  • No way of contacting the owners or company
  • Bombarded with calls from Brokers
  • Bombarded with emails that do not mention the scheme but link you back to the scheme
  • You might make money but you can surely lose

Who is this product for?

This is a good question and the answer is for the experienced and the inexperienced investor alike.

Tools & Training

None that I could find.


Claims to have 24 hour support but then states that during 04:00 to 09:00 there may be a delay in response.

I tried the support line but only got an out of office message.

My opinion on The Brit Method

If you really want to work from home and work online then I would recommend avoiding this scheme like the plague.

The Brit Method, Aussie Method, Canadian Method and recently the Irish Method, which are all the same, might not be scam but it is definitely not all it claims and the earnings claimed cannot be verified.

Through my research so I have found a truly genuine method of  building an online income and receiving all the training and support to do this, and that is through Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly free to join and get access to all the training, support and tools and I have yet to find another platform that gives you all this.

Product A at a glance

Name: The Brit Method or the others

Website: www. BritMethod.com

Price: Free but to trade $250 min

Owner: Jason Taylor, Jake Pertu, Jake Mason (The same person)

Overall Rank: 0/10 

Verdict: Might be legit but your money is at risk and they do not make this clear.



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Bye from Stewart!

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  1. I have seen this in the US in several variations. Meaning different front men. The video are very slick and have you almost ready to “write the check”. I was close. Like you say, nothing but a gamble.

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