Selling your Images online

If your hobby is photography or even if you just like taken lots of pictures you could make money by selling your images online.

Building a website and sharing your images online could be a great way of making money from doing something you are good at and love.

Selling your Images                                                                                                      

If you are a person that just keeps taking pictures when you are out and about or as a hobby why not try and turn your passion into an income stream.

There are millions of online users across the globe that search daily for images they can use on their own sites and use in their work.

A lot of people will pay a fee for the download and the unrestricted use of images.

There are a lot of sites that offer the use of images for free and then rely on making an income through other avenues such as:

  • Google AdSense
  • Google AdWords
  • Affiliate Links
  • Amazon
  • Reviewing products

There are many ways to make money from a site that you may own.

What is required

You are going to need a supply of images and to be constantly adding to your catalogue of images.

You are definitely going to have your own website.

You will have to be build up traffic to your site and get your site in front of publishers and web developers.

You may need to get some guidance and training if you are going to get online yourself or you may choose to pay get a 3rd party to build your site.

Building a website is not difficult and there is plenty of tuition and guidance available.

Take a look at my page ‘How to Build a website’

Getting Online

Putting a website together is not as hard as you may think and need not be expensive, in fact you can get online in minutes with no financial outlay.

There is full training available for free and I highly recommend you take advantage of this regardless the way you set up your business.

The training I am recommending will take you step by step through the building of your site but also how to get visitors to your site and how to start making money.

Watch this video to get a taster of the lessons available.

Getting Traffic

The subject of getting people to your site is so vast that there are numerous books and DVD on the subject.

You can pay companies to get send visitors to your site and this can be very effective while but when starting out you will want to keep costs down so you will want to get free traffic.

The basic ways of getting free traffic are:

  • Keeping adding content to your site on a regular basis
  • Share your site on social media
  • Join in on forums on your area of expertise
  • Read and comment on competitors online postings
  • Join Facebook groups and get involved
  • Set up a page for your business
  • Join in with others on Twitter
  • Use Instagram and display your images
  • YouTube

I am sure you get the theme and can think of other ways to get your name out there.

Making Money

You may choose to charge a fee for the download and use of some of your images or all of your images.

You may decide that your images can be downloaded for free and you will make money the other avenues already mentioned.

Either way you will need to be patient because it may take time to get you first commission, you could get luck and start getting money in soon after starting but this is not common.

In the beginning your time will be spent building up trust and loyalty with your market. So do not expect to get paid for the first few months because it normally takes that long and this is no different to any new business when starting out, it takes time to build a client base.

What have you got to lose

All you have to lose is your time but are you really losing that?

This would be time spent on your photography hobby anyway and all you would be doing is using it a little differently but still productively and rewarding.

If it is not going to cost you any money in the start and you are going to learn some great stuff along the way, I cannot find a reason why you should not start.

I would really appreciate your comments on this article and any others on my site.


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  1. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes images play a large part in communications. As a blogger, finding images is a large part of my daily activity. Can I ask how much will you get paid for your images? I like photography and this seems like an option to earn some money.

    • Hi there, the money you can charge for an image is not very high around $4.00 is average but it all adds up and if you can also add adsense or affiliate links money can be made.

  2. Hi Stewart,

    I love your idea here about creating a site that displays pictures and then using a method like Google Adsense to get paid passively. I have a few Adsense sites that do well just because of the steady traffic it gets.

    I can definitely see a person building a photo site, posting it to Instagram and then making money just from Adsense.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Very good idea for someone with the picture bug. You are correct,, it will take some time to realize any income. But it will come.

  4. Armstrong Wil

    Hey there….. I like taking pictures and photography is my hobby, so I am really happy to hear that I can create a job through my photography. I would like to know if I create the free website you’ve mentioned in the article, and work on it, how long will it take me to get traffic? Let’s say I work hard and spend like 12hours a day on the site, can I generate good traffic in like two weeks? Thanks in advance.

  5. I love taking pictures. We are currently in the processing of creating a website to sell our pictures online. There are so many ways you can make money with pictures.

    Great article.

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