Dec 17

There is no better time to start!!!!!

There is never a good time to start a new venture so there is no time like the present.

I hear people saying that they will get Christmas over with and start in the New Year……..Why?

What will change in that short period of time?

I would guess that they have been putting the start off for some time and have found some reason not to start the venture. ‘I am still researching, I am still learning, making plans and so on.

Basically hiding their fear of the unknown and fear of taking a risk!      

Doing Nothing

‘ If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got’ 

If you have come to this site then you are probably looking to make a change to your income.

If that is your aim then doing nothing is not an option.

Take action and do something! 

Even the smallest of actions will move you forward just make a start

  • Buy your domain
  • Start your site
  • Decide on your Niche
  • Design your flyers
  • Choose your products
  • Get the word out
  • Network with other like- minded people

Just make a start.


Some experts will tell you to do the biggest or most difficult task first and get it out the way.

There is some sense to this advice but I think the most important thing to do is to break everything down to small bite size chunks and then to plan to complete at least one junk a day or week.

This was you have more successes to celebrate and there is less stress put on yourself.

Everything is manageable!

It is not a sprint but a marathon, something that I lost sight of recently and got all stressed out.

Having a successful business does not happen overnight unless you are extremely lucky of course. Most people have to put the hours in over a long period of time.

First thing I recommend

The very first thing you should do and it if free is to create a facebook page and a twitter account for your business.

Start posting about you and your business and get the word out.

Moving forward social media may be your best source of enquiries and not your website this is the case with ‘Red Queen Cloth’

All there business comes from Facebook.

Takes minutes to do so get doing!

What is stopping you

There will never be a good time so take the plunge and stop finding reasons not to start.

You will feel better for it and who knows you could be one of the lucky ones where your business flies.

Get in touch with your experiences or if you would like my help.

Merry Christmas!









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Bye from Stewart!

Aug 17

Passive Income

If you ever want enjoy a passive income you will need to put the work in.                         

You can easily find claims online that you can enjoy a passive income by doing little work or by just following a formula.

I can assure you now that such claims are BS and the only people making receiving a passive income from these schemes are the authors and creators themselves. They are spending the money people are paying them to get involved.

All successful people and businesses have a solid base to work from and have spent time building the base before the money has been earned.

No such thing as a quick win!

In the past I have got excited and spent hours following quick win formulas that were meant to be free and give an income in a short time

I always ended up spending money to get this or that before going live with the page so they are never free. Likewise there was never any training it was a case of just following the person making the money and owning my page.

This all means that there is no foundation or base to your business, if your host pulls out you have lost it all without the knowledge to rebuild and without owning anything.

Let’s get real if the schemes out there are so full proof and profitable why are they being offered in the first place to the world in the first place and not kept exclusive to the creator?

They would have you believe that they are being charitable and want to share their success, really? I wish Apple and Microsoft felt the same way and offered out their success plans to us all or gave us all a shares!


If you want to earn a good income and a passive income you will need to put the work in at the beginning and continue working throughout.

You will need to build a solid foundation and learn how to repeat this should you need to start all over or diversify.

This article explains it in more detail and in a much better way ‘How To Make a Passive Income’

Learn your trade and safe money

Hopefully you will read or have read the above article and if you are ready to start on your path to passive income the best time it to start now by making the ZERO RISK decision and start your learning at Wealth Affiliate.



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Bye from Stewart!

Aug 17

IQ options update

Here is an update on the IQ option, Binary Trading, product review I wrote back in June.

In the past few weeks IQ options has made a number of changes to it’s platform, some good some bad, depending on your view and interest.

What has not changed  

They still offer a free, unlimited use, demo account which you can keep topping up

The demo account is useful for learning the ropes and perfecting your trading strategies.

It is also good if all you want to do is play at being a trading tycoon!

The minimum deposit is still £10.00/$10.00

The basic operating principles are the same, you trade by betting on the asset price rising or falling, from the price at time of trade, over a period of time

If you predict correctly you make a profit.

The changes

What has changed is how the trading works, the number of options you can trade, how the profits are calculated, the timing of trades and the information available.

The platform now only offers speed trading in increments up to 5 minutes when in the past you could have turbo trades every 2 minutes.

Their binary options go out 1 hour in 15 minute increments, and they have expiry times as far out as one month.

In July 2017 a new product called Digital Options were introduced. They have more than 500 underlying assets available for trading, with the only commodity they offer being Gold.

There are mobile trading apps available for both Android and iOS.

Still a popular feature at IQOption are their weekly trading competitions.

The number of trading options have been reduced to just forex, crypto currency and a couple of assets.

Gone has the turbo trading.

Automated Trading Software

IQ Option does not provide any auto-trading robot.


It is still a good platform to learn your trading but it limited in your trading options.

Profits are also very good and they have kept the competitions.





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Bye from Stewart!