Guest Post from a Homeworker.

By | 02/08/2016

I’m Cassandra and I’m self employed, I run my own business – it sounds weird even writing it, but I do! I run Red Queen Cloth, and I make cloth menstrual pads, cloth incontinence pads and other reusables.

I work from patterns I designed myself, with business cards I designed myself and with some fabrics I hand dyed!

I started working for myself by accident really.

I have been creative in lots of ways for many years and took to sewing when I had my first daughter. I needed a creative outlet that didn’t take up lots of space or make much mess – like painting used to!

I used to free motion embroider, make children’s clothes, dress up costumes and various other bits and bobs.
I came across reusables after my second daughter was born and a friend introduced me to cloth nappies. This led me into the ‘underground’ world of cloth sanitary products or ‘rumps’ as they are also called.

I bought some, tried them and loved them!
After a few months I thought I could make a pad with a better shape for me and started experimenting with different core fabrics and begun pattern testing. After using my female friends for testers too I decided to bite the bullet and start selling my wares through a Facebook page. This was in March… We are now in July and last month I left my ‘day’ job
to concentrate on Red Queen Cloth! redqueen

I pretty much jumped in with both feet and after worrying and panicking decided the massive benefits of working for myself were
Worth the risk involved.

The positives of working for myself, from home :
I get to make beautiful products and speak to lots of people!
I can work around my small children so no need for childcare
I can work as much or as little as I like (finances permitting!)
I can focus my mind on a creative goal rather than an employers statistical expectation.
I can wear track pants 😉
If one of the children is ill I don’t have to worry about taking time off

There are obviously some worries about being self employed, the concern over a fixed steady income is the main one. I am trying to establish regular wholesale orders to keep a small, steady amount coming in.

In summary the emotional benefits and family time gained outweigh the small anxieties!

Post by: Cassandra Beech

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Bye from Stewart!

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