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Overall Ranking: 6/10
Price: $24.95 to $349.95 month
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We are now going to look at the pros and cons of selling your goods through an eBay shop front.

So far we have look at affiliate marketing, manufacturing, blogging and vlogging as options for working from home and having your own online business.

EBay Shop

If you use eBay, most people have, and then you will have come across some of the shops on eBay.

You may even have bought from one of the shops.

Basically the shops are set up by people selling products in bulk and mostly form their own homes. They are working from home and have an online business.

Things to consider

If your business plan is to sell products online, and have a lot of products to sell, then an eBay shop is one option for you.

If you are selling your own products, goods that you produce, then you might be better of selling them from your own website under your own domain name.

If you choose to sell on eBay then you will need to factor in the monthly subscription charge for running one of their shops.

There are also the standard selling fees and rules to factor in.

You will also have to run your shop in accordance with the eBay rules.

You also need to use PayPal, which is owned by eBay.

EBay Costs

There are three levels of subscriptions for setting up a shop and they differ by the number of design templates you can choose from and the level of support and business level you require.

The three levels are:

1. Basic which costs $24.95 a month or $239.40 for the full year
2. Premium costing $74.95 a month $719.40 for the year
3. Anchor costing $349.95 or $3599.40 for the year

At anchor level you can have up to 15 different store fronts and full support.

The selling costs operate on a percentage of the final auction fee and range between 8-12% but you will also have a fee taken by PayPal so eBay could get 11-15% of your sales.

Setting your shop up

Is very easy to set up and eBay does walk you through the process but the shop front templates are limited and not very appealing.

However do they have to be? After all you have a captive audience of all the people that use eBay and you really have very little marketing to do.

All you need to do is make sure you have good products at the right price and that you have a robust and fast delivery system.


1. Easy to set up, no design skills needed
2. Guaranteed traffic
3. You have access to dispute resolution service
4. Ecommerce in place via PayPal
5. Trade under a trusted brand name in eBay
6. Run from home at your pace and scale


1. Subscriptions are high
2. Selling fees eBay take are high
3. You are not in control of your own shop front design
4. You do not have your own domain so not brand identity
5. EBay can close you down when they want
6. Have to operate by the eBay rules
7. Limited to the number of shops you can have

Who is this for

An eBay shop does not seem to be for the start-up business, or for those of us that want to make some extra money through a part-time venture.

It appears to fit retailers that are more established and been around for a while and this could be their online presence.

Final opinion and verdict

The eBay approach does seem a bit dated and very costly.

You could have your own domain and website for a lot less money and you would get support and training.

You could set up a number of online shops for less than the fees eBay charge and 100% of the money from your sales will be yours and not a very rich and large organisations.

The rules on your own site will be the ones you set yourself and the rules of the country you live.

If setting up your own online shop is you plan then I would have to recommend that you buy your own domain and host your own site.
This is very easy to do and you can be up and running in minutes.

On the basis that you do not get your name on any domains on eBay, when starting out you would be better setting up a free website with a subdomain.

The subdomain will start with you brand name and later on when your business has moved on you can buy a full domain and transfer your site onto that.

The downside to this approach is that you will need to work at getting people to your site and your brand recognised.

If you are just starting out what you really want is a helping hand, people to show you how to do things and available to answer all your questions. I am not sure you will get this from eBay?


I welcome comments from everyone and it would be good to get feedback from people who have an eBay shop or have had a shop.

Good Luck!

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Bye from Stewart!

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