Aug 17

IQ options update

Here is an update on the IQ option, Binary Trading, product review I wrote back in June.

In the past few weeks IQ options has made a number of changes to it’s platform, some good some bad, depending on your view and interest.

What has not changed  

They still offer a free, unlimited use, demo account which you can keep topping up

The demo account is useful for learning the ropes and perfecting your trading strategies.

It is also good if all you want to do is play at being a trading tycoon!

The minimum deposit is still £10.00/$10.00

The basic operating principles are the same, you trade by betting on the asset price rising or falling, from the price at time of trade, over a period of time

If you predict correctly you make a profit.

The changes

What has changed is how the trading works, the number of options you can trade, how the profits are calculated, the timing of trades and the information available.

The platform now only offers speed trading in increments up to 5 minutes when in the past you could have turbo trades every 2 minutes.

Their binary options go out 1 hour in 15 minute increments, and they have expiry times as far out as one month.

In July 2017 a new product called Digital Options were introduced. They have more than 500 underlying assets available for trading, with the only commodity they offer being Gold.

There are mobile trading apps available for both Android and iOS.

Still a popular feature at IQOption are their weekly trading competitions.

The number of trading options have been reduced to just forex, crypto currency and a couple of assets.

Gone has the turbo trading.

Automated Trading Software

IQ Option does not provide any auto-trading robot.


It is still a good platform to learn your trading but it limited in your trading options.

Profits are also very good and they have kept the competitions.





Bye from Stewart!

Jun 17

IQ Option review


Overall Ranking: 7/10
Price: $10 min deposit – Free demo account                                
IQ Option Europe LTD

This will be the third binary option review the other two being exposed as scams.

Clearly not all binary option platforms are scams and before I get into this review I have to say that IQ Options is not a scam and serious money can be made trading on this platform but you can also lose your money.

Unlike Fintech and The Brit Method, Iq Options do not boast of huge successes or advertise how much can earned in 5 minutes and the like. In fact there marketing is very low key and no fake customer testimonials.

IQ Option is operated by IQ Option Europe LTD, registration Number HE327751 and located in Silver House Business Centre, 19 Spyros Kyprianou Avenue, 3070 Limassol, Cyprus and regulated by CySEC, license number 247/14. The address for the company office is at Yiannis Nicolaides Business Center, Agiou Athanasiou Avenue 33, 4102, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus

The fact that the company is registered with a financial authority is a plus because the requirements for registration are very tough.

The access to a free demo account is a great addition and allows you to practice and get used to the software.



  • Registered with a recognised financial body
  • Free Demo Account
  • Low deposit
  • Large sums can be built up and taken
  • 76 different markets to trade with charts for them all.
  • Regular competitions
  • Blogs
  • Education


  • You may lose your money.
  • There can sometimes be a time delay from placing trade to it being placed
  • This is a risk based option for making money at home.
  • Unfortunately no USA customers are allowed.


This is for any one that likes the buzz of gambling or trading.

Although it is not gambling it has the thrill of gambling.


  • Free demo account to allow you to practice before you trade for real.
  • Free charts to help making decisions.
  • Community chat with other traders



  • Phone
  • E-mailPRICE

Free to use demo account where you get $1000 to trade, which it can be restarted as many times as you like.

To trade for real the minimum deposit by debit, credit card is $10.


Binary option trading is a fast growing area to make lots of money from home.

You can watch real trades taking place on YouTube to see the huge sums that being made.

If this is a route for you I would recommend Iq Options because they are a registered platform, they have everything you need on their site to place educated trades. The low deposit option is a plus and people have turned the $10 into thousands.

Any form of trading runs the risk of losing your money so this is not a sure way of earning and income.


Iq Option Rating: 7/10…Not a Scam!

Please leave comments and questions below, all will be answered.


Bye from Stewart!

May 17

Fintech-Ltd review…..shocking Scam!!


Overall Ranking: 2/10
Price: $0-200 min deposit
Owners: Daniel Roberts


This is one of the most shocking scams I have yet to review. It is shocking because they have used the photos of the dead to create testimonials.

You have to laugh when watch the presentation video on the Fintech-Ltd.com webpage.

Notice the Ferrari’s driving past the mansion, have a look at their number plates “Red Travel” this is actually a hired car company. Anyone who has the dream to drive a sports car for a day can hire one from them.

Yet here he is trying to sell you the dream that FinTech Limited is able to generate you over $441k in a week with a $20k investment.

This is not even to mention that this was also only their third attempt at the software, after managing to get the first one to profit instantly.

A few things you should be aware of before registering with the FinTech Limited scam, is that there is actually a trusted FinTech Ltd company that exists, and sad to say, they have no relation to Daniel Roberts or binary options trading.

I fear that their good name is regrettably being dragged through the mud with the release of the Automated System.

Point number two are the “See what others say about us”, these are all pictures all taken from the web, doing a simple search will show you all the websites they are related to. You will also find that Stan Miles is a convicted criminal and the photo of Leo Chang is in fact the picture of a former Russian Interior Minister who passed away 2 years ago…………SCAM!

Point number 3, having a look at the website age on who.is, notice that it was only registered in January 2016, yet Mr. Roberts informs us that this operation has been up and running for at least 18 months.

Point number 4, the claims are that the more people that trade with the FinTech software the more accurate it becomes. First of all for it to already generate $441k on a $20k deposit within a week is already pretty damn accurate, and chances are it is running at almost 100%, so the question becomes how much data do they then need to make it even more accurate, as we also have it on good authority that they are allowing more than 7 people into the system per day.

A no time did I see trades, actual figures, trusted beta testers, nothing. Yet, people are still expected to be gullible and register. We only have one piece of advice at this time, and that is not always believe everything you hear in the presentations, always check the facts with a reliable source first.



You might make money from this software but how much are you prepared to risk?


  • You do not get to see any real result data.
  • All the testimonials are false and the pictures are from the internet
  • Why only 7 people allowed to join each day if they need the data to improve the system?
  • The dates they claim it was all set up do not match the dates the website was built or when the video went live.


The gullible!


Free demo account to allow you to practice before you trade for real.


Live Chat, Phone, E-mail


Mr Roberts claims it is free to set up an account but the minimum deposit to trade is $200.00 


Binary option trading is a fast growing area promoting as a way to make lots of money from home.

I have no doubts that you could make lots of money trading in these options but there is also the risk of losing your money.

If this is a route for you I would advise you to find a registered broker, which is registered in the geographic location you are looking to trade in.

I believe there is on one ZERO risk option for making money online and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

Head over and check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

Fintech Rating: 2/10…I believe a Scam

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Bye from Stewart!