Feb 18

Online Business-All you need under one bonnet

Running your own business or thinking about starting one?

How easy would it be if you could get everything you need to be an online success from one place?

Everything from hosting, training, help and assistance, authoring tools, keyword search tools, analytics, hundreds of design templates, design software, affiliate program, SEO optimizing and access to online traffic.

Well there is such a place – Wealthy Affiliate (read my review)


You can have 2 free sites hosted at WA

As a paid member you can have up to 50 sites hosted for the one monthly fee.

Compare this with other hosting companies:


There is access to training and help resources on all subjects connected with being online.

There is also affiliate marketing course and an online entrepreneur course which are both accredited.

Members are putting training up on the community every day on a whole range of subjects.

Site Builder software

Access to the full range of WordPress products and services with instruction training and video to help you get your site up and running.

Because you will use WordPress it means you can do not have to log into the hosting company to manage your site.

Other hosting companies use their own software so you must log on their site to do any editing

Keyword search and competitor research tool

Within WA there is a free keyword search and analysis tool which will give you data on the success of your keywords and will also show the competition you may face.

If you sign up you can also get a free membership of the propriety keyword tool Jaaxy, and get 30 free searches.

There is far more date to capture from Jaaxy.

To understand the importance of keywords for your success take this lesson Understanding Keywords

Access to 1000s of people that will visit your site

WA is not just a hosting platform it is really an online community of like-minded people and people who have the same ambitions and goals.

This means you can help and support from successful people and chat with others that are going through or been through the same steps as you.

Again the training is vast and is unbeatable by any other platform

All this and more in one place


I challenge you all to find another provider online that you will get everything you need under one bonnet.




Bye from Stewart!

Aug 17

The Key is Keywords!

I believe most people looking to achieve an income from being online understand what I mean by ‘Keywords’

I also make the assumption that the very same people will be understand the importance of including keywords when writing their content and branding their niche.

I am not sure everyone research and uses keywords when deciding their niche or when they are making a list of topics to write.


I know and have helped a lot of people that have had trouble deciding on what niche to be in when planning to build an online business.

Although a lot of them know what subject or interest they were going to build a site on and write about, they were still struggling with a niche name and identity.

The best way to come up with a niche, if you have not already decided on one, or an online identity for your site and niche, is to do some keyword research.

When researching keywords it is better to have the ability to get information on your competition and on projected traffic. To do this you will need to use one of the keyword search tools that are available.

You could do the old ‘Alphabet Soup’ exercise on Google and Yahoo but you will not get the detail information that will make your decision future proof.

Free Keyword Research

Given everything I have said above, if I could give you access to a free, keyword search and research tool would you use it?

Well I can and the link I am about to give you will allow you to set up a free account and give you 30 free keyword searches and research.

It is actually more than 30 if you use it correct and I am also going to include a link to some training on how to use the tool.

I use this tool myself to build my keyword rich, topics for this site and for my other sites so I can vouch for it.

The tool is supplied by Jaaxy and you can you use it here:

Get the most from this Free resource

To get the most from this free resource I recommend spending time watching this video:

I hope you use and enjoy this tool.

If you have any questions or want support on building your site and niche then get in touch.


Bye from Stewart!

Jul 17

You cannot put a price on Education

Education is priceless and you cannot put a price on it nor can you get enough learning

If there is any going free and it is in an area of interest you should grab it when you can

Wealthy Affiliate    

Wealthy affiliate is free to join and free to take the certification courses.

By taking the courses you will learn everything there in starting, building and running a website

You will also learn how to research your niche, keywords and how to build your brand.

But best of all you will learn how to make money from your site and niche.

Affiliate Program

There is also the affiliate marketing boot camp you can join which is basically free training on affiliate marketing.

So if you cannot come up with a niche or an idea but you fancy the idea of making money online you can join the affiliate training and start on this venture.

The learning does not stop there

The learning does not stop at the two accredited training packages on offer.

Wealthy Affiliate is on online community where everyone is sharing their online experience and expertise so we all learn for each other

Members are uploading training, on a huge range of subjects, every hour so anything you need to know about being online and building websites can be found

And it is all FREE!!!!


All this at Zero risk!!


Use in the future


Everything you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate can be used to build your future should you aspirations point to being online

Just think by taking the online entrepreneur course could be the start of you becoming a web designer or an online consultant?

At no cost you your pocket.

Don’t delay get started Today!!




Bye from Stewart!