Another Part-Time Income idea

Here is another part-time income idea and one I have running at the moment.

If you have lived a life and have had some success in your career or endeavours, why not pass on your experience to others for a fee?

I am talking about marketing yourself as a Life Coach.                    


Two years ago, around Sept 15 I was actively looking for a way to slow down in my working life but to also maintain the same level of income, better still have a better income.

For 4 months leading up to the September of 2015 I was actively looking for ‘My escape tunnel’ as I was calling it – my way out of the job I still do full-time.

I was still looking when a work colleague just happen to say that I should become a Life Coach

The light suddenly went on!

So I looked into what life coaching involved and was sold on the idea so I got myself qualified and I am now currently building my coaching practice.

I also write this blog as well!!!!!

If you want to know more about this go here:

Do you need to be qualified

Being qualified before you can practice is matter of geography

It very much depends on which country you reside or the country you intend to practice.

I practice in the UK where there is no legal requirement to have a qualification or be a member of a professional body.

This is not the case in the USA where a qualification and membership is a must.

You will have to find out the requirements for your particular location yourself.

However for credibility and image I would recommend getting a relevant qualification, join a recognised body and to hold insurance.

You can display all this on your website, business cards and stationary.

There are so many organisations offering coaching qualifications at this moment so do your research before you sign up and part with your cash.

But First

You may want to find out what life coaching is or involves.

I give an outline on my site if you want to have a look or I recommend reading up on the subject.

One book I would highly recommend, even if you are a life coach is The Life Coaching Handbook by Curly Martin.

This is a great book for people starting out on their coaching journey or for the more experienced coach.

How will you coach

This is one question I keep asking myself and keep visiting.

Do I just coach online via email or telephone coaching or do I have some F2F coaching.

I do offer all three models and my fees are structured differently for each model.

Of course online or telephone means less overheads for you so you could pass on a discount to your clients where face-2- face sessions will require the use of a room or facilities.

Personally I am moving more down the online and telephone route because it is more flexible and affordable.

What to charge and how to charge

I found out what coaches in my area were charging and set my fees in the middle.

One thing to keep in mind is that you are charging for your expertise and life experience so what price this?

We all relate price to quality so if you appear cheap then it could be related to the perception of the quality of your coaching.

Do not undersell yourself!

Tools Required

All you really need to start coaching is a telephone, a pen and some paper.

A website and stationary would be great but not needed at the beginning.

I did set my site up early because It was easy to do and it got my name out in the public domain.

I have a number of sites all hosted in one location for a monthly fee. The fee allows me to have up to 25 sites hosted, supported.

I have mentioned my hosting company many times, wealthy affiliate.

That’s about it

I do not have much more to add in this post but if you would like more information on an individual basis send me a message and I will reply.









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Bye from Stewart!

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