Jul 17

You cannot put a price on Education

Education is priceless and you cannot put a price on it nor can you get enough learning

If there is any going free and it is in an area of interest you should grab it when you can

Wealthy Affiliate    

Wealthy affiliate is free to join and free to take the certification courses.

By taking the courses you will learn everything there in starting, building and running a website

You will also learn how to research your niche, keywords and how to build your brand.

But best of all you will learn how to make money from your site and niche.

Affiliate Program

There is also the affiliate marketing boot camp you can join which is basically free training on affiliate marketing.

So if you cannot come up with a niche or an idea but you fancy the idea of making money online you can join the affiliate training and start on this venture.

The learning does not stop there

The learning does not stop at the two accredited training packages on offer.

Wealthy Affiliate is on online community where everyone is sharing their online experience and expertise so we all learn for each other

Members are uploading training, on a huge range of subjects, every hour so anything you need to know about being online and building websites can be found

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Use in the future


Everything you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate can be used to build your future should you aspirations point to being online

Just think by taking the online entrepreneur course could be the start of you becoming a web designer or an online consultant?

At no cost you your pocket.

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Jul 17

Freelancing is the Way to Go

According to a recent article being self-employed and freelancing our services is the way to go!

Joining the ‘Gig Economy’ is the way forward by all accounts?                        

Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

A very recent article by the CIPD quoted that there are over $1Bn assignments available on the Gig economy.

The Gig economy is a term for the on-line market place for firms offering short term employment and for agencies that take on self-employed people that want to offer out their services and expertise.

The article states, that in the UK full-time employment is on the decline in favour of self-employment, with people choosing short-term assignments and projects that suit individual needs.

Self-employment in the UK has doubled in the last decade to 16% of the labour force and is continuing to rise.

In the USA 1 in every 3 people freelance and this could hit 50% by 2020.

Recent survey

A recent survey conducted by Oxford’s Online Labour Index concluded that the UK is the world’s 2nd largest user of freelance workers.

Around 2M workers are freelancing and this figure is expected to rise by 50% by the end of the decade.

What is the ‘Gig Economy’

This is the name given to the workforce working on short term, self-employed contracts or gigs.

A large number of people taking such assignments are doing so to supplement a full-time income.

The industries using this workforce range from:

  • Hospitality
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Holiday
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Delivery and Currier
  • Health
  • Construction
  • Content writers

The list is endless.

Self-employment is changing with the sole trader/freelancer now more common than the small business owner.

Why Freelance

People are choosing this option because the flexibility on when they work and for whom is appealing.

Common reasons for freelancing:

  • Freedom to dictate their hours
  • Choose where to work
  • Rates of reward
  • Be their own boss
  • Experience
  • Supplement other income.

Main Players

Some employers have lists of freelance labour they turn too when required.

Most employers of freelancers send their assignments to one of the online agencies for them to fill the gig, the most popular being:

  1. upwork.com
  2. toptal.com
  3. peopleperhour.com

If you fancy working as a freelancer then get your name on one of the above.

Of course

You can always work for yourself by making money from you hobbies!







Bye from Stewart!

Jul 17

Reasons why people hate their jobs

When I was growing up I always wanted to be a court room lawyer. This ambition soon made way for soccer, parties and having adolescent fun.

I think most of us may have always had some idea of the career path we wanted to pursue. While it may have changed over the years, we eventually knew the industry we desired to work in. However, expectations aren’t always met. This can lead to a variety of reasons for us disliking our jobs.                                                            

31% of professionals believe they aren’t paid enough

According to recent business research approximately 31 percent of professionals believe they aren’t paid enough, 21 percent have a poor work-life balance and 20 percent cite an unreasonable workload as the cause of their unhappiness.

Others have also experienced issues with incompatible bosses and co-workers, long commutes to and from work and the lack of job advancement.

Money doesn’t buy happiness…but it helps

If you really love what you’re doing, you may be willing to overlook a low salary because you’ll be working in a position you enjoy surrounded by people who have similar skills and interests.

However, if that job starts becoming a place you dread going to and you’re frustrated with co-workers and your boss, you may feel disenchanted and that small amount of money is going to create tension.

We all like to know that our hard work is appreciated, and that may come in the form of benefits and higher pay.

It has been proven that money is a short term motivator and not long term. Long term motivation comes from challenges in the job, the chance to advance and the elevation in status.

If we aren’t receiving those promotions, we might not want to continue working for the company.

Generally low salary and poor benefits are the main reasons top workers quit.

Other benefits may help compensate for lower salaries, but they cannot solve the problem. A higher pay reflects our hard work and is a sign of our climb up the corporate ladder.

However, if we are not receiving those promotions, we may feel that our path with the company has reached its end, and we will look elsewhere for employment.

Social life is just as important as work

While having a job is a part of growing up, it doesn’t have to be the sole focus of our adulthood.

Most of us want positions where we can have both careers and personal lives. When we don’t get that, we are more likely to be dissatisfied with our jobs.

We define this work-life balance differently, and what is important to one person may not be as crucial to another.

However, too many demands on one side can have a domino effect of negative results.

According to the Mayo Clinic, spending too much time either at your job or continuing to work at home can leave you tired, stressed and sick. It can also lead to more responsibility, which will only exacerbate the other effects.

People need satisfaction both at work and in their personal lives.

To strike the balance between work and personal life, we must figure out ways to improve overall satisfaction, we all want options that will reduce the pressure that is placed on our shoulders.

To achieve this we must also learn to adjust to new habits, this can start by leaving the office on time and leaving job-related tasks at work.

It’s impossible to achieve a work-life balance if you don’t make time for yourself to relax and recuperate.

My solution

I am still in full time employment, working at a job that no longer challenges me. My job pays well and gives me a good life.

15 years ago I left a job that paid me £10000 more than I get now, my reason – Work/Life balance.

I have always wanted to work for myself and I have had a couple of sorties into the world of self-employment but have never found the correct vehicle and path that suits.

Back in 2015 I made the decision to retrain as life Coach and I am busy trying to build my client base.

I really want to work for myself, from home and to begin to slow down. I write this blog and a blog on my coaching site this is my path for the future.

After many years I have found a path and a vehicle will take me towards my dream. I do aim to make money form this site and along with my coaching I aim to give up working for an employer.

This site and my coaching site are hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and the guidance and support I receive from them will help me reach my destination.

Be Brave

If some of the stuff above hits a chord with you then do not be afraid of looking for another career path. You can start on your journey to a new future while still working.

Your comments and feedback would very much be appreciated!


Bye from Stewart!