Mar 17

How to start selling online

Hopefully you will already have decided what it is to sell online or if not what your niche will be.

If you have yet to make these decisions then this video might help you                     

The other major decision to make is how you are going to sell online:

• Have your own dedicated website
• Through a blog
• Through an established platform such as EBay or Gumtree

Selling through a blog or website

A blog basically is a website the difference is that a blog is about the articles you write and post where a dedicated website will contain pages relating to your business and products.

There is no reason to combine the two and this is a common practice with well know companies now having a blog.

The difference between them both is in the main principle of the site:

• Do you just want to promote your business and products?
• Is your intention to write and share information with your followers?

Either way you can still sell products online regardless of the model you choose.

Setting up your site

If you are new to the online market you may need help and support to set your site up.

I have written a review on the different, low cost, web providers and I would recommend reading this as part of your research.

It need not be expensive to get a site up and running and there is also free training available should you need it and you can also look on my page How to build a website for more information.

Whatever you do, do not spend lots of time building your site because you will want to get selling as soon as possible.

Alternative ways to sell online

You do not need to have your own site to sell online you can sell through EBay or Gumtree.

There are costs involved when selling through EBay and these can soon mount up.

As an example you could pay between 8-12% in auction fees and 11-15% in PayPal fees.

If you are thinking of an EBay shop there will be a monthly fee on top of the selling fees, depending on the level of membership.

You can easy find out more about the costs in my review on EBay.

Ads on Gumtree are generally free but there are charges for certain services and items that are advertised.


Do your homework before you dive in and look at all the options available.

Read my articles and articles from other bloggers on this subject so that you can make an informed decision.

Take up any free training that is available and if I were to recommend any it would have to be the training on Wealthy Affiliate because there is no catches and it is free.

You can also build you’re a site for free on this community and dip your toe in risk free.

Look on other sites in your market and take note on how they look, perform and how the go about selling.

When ready take action.

If you have any questions just ask!




Bye from Stewart!

Mar 17

Making money from your interests and hobbies!

Everyone has interests and most people have at least one hobby.                    

Yet it is the lucky few that make money from them, or so we believe?

Luck has nothing to with it

I can tell you now that luck has nothing to do with making money from your interests or hobbies.

The reason why people make money like this and you do not, is purely down to the fact that they decided to do so and took the necessary actions to succeed.

The main drivers you will require to make money from the things you love doing are:

  • Desire
  • Drive
  • Dedication
  • Passion
  • Flexibility

There is no real requirement for skill because depending on how you intend making your money you might not need to be skilful in your hobby. I will explain this in more detail a little later.

10 Ways to make your hobby or interest pay

Here are 10 ways to make your hobbies give you some income:

  1. Tutor/coach others for a fee
  2. Write e-books and sell them online
  3. Write a blog passing on your expertise and opinions
  4. Become an Affiliate Marketer writing reviews in your field
  5. Deliver post and pre match reviews on YouTube
  6. Offer your service to others if your hobby is practical
  7. Sell your products online
  8. Offer your service to others if you are a social media expert
  9. If you are an avid reader that write reviews for every book and become an amazon associate
  10. Give advice to others on podcasts or videos and use affiliate links to earn cash.

This is just a small collection of my own ideas on how you could make money from your interests and hobbies.

The Drivers

  • Desire do not start a business from your hobbies and interests if you have no real desire to succeed.
  • Drive you will need the drive along with the desire to succeed to get you through the slow start and through any obstacles that come your way.
  • Dedication you will need to dedicated time and effort to your new business and maybe some of your resources.
  • Passion the more passionate you are about your hobbies and interests the more likely you are that people will give you their money.
  • Flexibility don’t expect to make money instantly and certainly do not expect to become rich overnight. Also be prepared to change your plans and methods when things are not working

Getting started

The first thing you need to do is make the decision that you will turn your hobby into a career and visualise yourself earning an income from your decision.

The next thing to do is take action and start building your project plan, listing all the tasks you will need to complete and the steps you need take to obtain your vision.

The world today is all about having an online presence and a being on social media. So you will want to have a website and be on Facebook or Twitter as a minimum.

You can get online and on social media without spending any money.

All the social media sites are free and you can also get online free, I show how to do this on my page ‘how to build a website’ and ‘Getting started online’.

Also read my review about web hosting.

You do not have to spend a great deal of time getting your website started and online, just get it done. Your website will change and evolve the longer you have it running and you will have lots of time in the future to change and improve it.

You might decide to get leaflets and business cards printed and there are many printing services online you can pick from.

Just take action and do not stop taking action!

The Easiest Way

This site is mostly about working from home and earning and income by doing so.

You will not be surprised then if I recommend passing on your knowledge in your hobby and interests through a blog and then monetise your blog.

This will be the cheapest way for you to start and make money but it can take longer to make an income. You can run a blog alongside your coaching of people or your production of goods

Anyone can write a blog and all it takes is an interest in your subject and having the motivation to keep learning about your subject and then passing your knowledge over to your readers.

This is much easier if you are passionate about your niche because you will want to learn more yourself and you can write or talk from a personal view point, which your subscribers will like and will trust.

You will not need to be an expert in practicing your hobby or have skills relating if you choose this route. All you need to be is passionate and hungry for information that you can then pass on to others.


If you have any questions about this article or about any information on this site then please, please just ask, I would love to answer them for you.






Bye from Stewart!

Mar 17

Get Paid for Completing Surveys

You may have come across some sites promoting an income from completing surveys.

You may have received emails from individuals promoting this idea as a way to easy cash.    

If you have visited this site you will have gathered that it is aimed at giving sound advice on how to make an income by working from home

The keyword on the site is ‘Income’ and I will show you that you will not make a meaningful income from completing surveys.

At best you could to build some pocket money and maybe no money at all because a lot of companies only reward you in vouchers to be redeemed.

My research found that the maximum someone claimed to have made, in a year, was £1100 but this is extremely rare, so based on this example you would make £21 a week, pocket money.

The two methods of survey

There are two methods of survey that you could get paid for you opinions:

  1. Online Surveys which are more common and frequent and you would complete these on your PC, tablet or smart phone.
  2. Focus Groups where you would be interviewed in person or as part of a group and give your opinions. Interviews are also conducted over the telephone and sometimes online.

You will get paid more for taking part in focus groups but the downside is that they are few and far between so not a way to ditch the alarm clock.

Top 5 Paying Surveys

I-Say is said as some to be best but I think it gets this rating because it pays out more regular and has frequent surveys for you to complete.

If you do sign up with this organisation check the time it takes to complete each survey because they differ and range from 5-30 minutes.

They pay between £0.05 and £1.00 per survey, depending on the survey of course, so best to check first. They do not pay out until you have banked £10.00 but they do not pay in cash but pay out with Amazon or John Lewis vouchers.

Swagbucks have regular daily surveys that reward you points which then convert to money to be used in their voucher store. You can convert your points for vouchers from most high street shops and online companies.

A typical survey will get you 70 points which equates to £0.40. The threshold to cash in depends on the type of voucher you want.

GlobalTestMarket is a US company which pays in vouchers or cash through PayPal once you have earned 1000 points.

Be aware of surveys they send that enter you into a prize draw rather than pay you points.

This organisation does pay very well £1.20 per typical survey and the threshold is £30.00. Typical survey time is 20 minutes.

PopulusLive specialises in business, culture and political surveys but it does pay pretty well at £1.00 for every 5 minutes you spend online with them.

On the downside you do not always get invited to a survey and the surveys do fill up quickly so you could often miss out.

You get varying amounts of points for each survey but each point equals £1.00 with a payout threshold of £50.00.

A typical survey takes between 15-20 minutes.

Google Opinion Rewards is for Android users only so ideal for smart phone and tablet users.

You get involved with the surveys by way of an app you have to download.

One plus side to this option is its speed of participation because it only takes seconds to complete a survey.

Earnings are small but they quickly add up because you can do a survey a day.

Rewards range between £0.06 and ££0.60 per survey and come in the way of Google Play store credits that can be redeemed for games, music, books and movies.

A typical survey will take between 15-20 seconds.


These are my top 5 surveys if you have an interest in making some extra money.

Which Focus Group

Saros normally only runs a group twice a year that lasts around 2 hours.

They pay between £30.00 and £100.00 to take part in the group so good money for 2 hours work.

Focus4people run regular groups around the UK and last for an afternoon, some groups take place after normal working hours, and they pay between £30.00 to £150.00 so again good money.

They also sometimes conduct individual interviews online or over the telephone.

Research Opinion run individual and online interviews but not very often but when they do they pay very well between £20.00 and £200.00.

Indefield run short F2F interviews and will pay up to £35.00 for these. They also conduct short survey interviews over the telephone and online and pay £2.00 per survey.

FocusForce run online panels and send out daily email requests for people to sit on panels but it is down to you to keep a watch for the invites.

The reward for being on a panel is not bad at £40 – £50 but will need to invest some time and discipline to get involved.

Things you must do

  1. Don’t store you cash
  2. Do set up a dedicated email address
  3. Don’t expect to be rolling in cash
  4. Do spend your rewards ASAP
  5. Don’t tell lies
  6. Don’t forget to check your emails
  7. Do keep a log of the work you have done
  8. Don’t forget the tax man
  9. Do complain via Facebook and Twitter if you have a problem that is not resolved
  10. Don’t pay to join a survey or group
  11. Do refer friends and family because this can get you rewards
  12. Don’t worry too much about screenouts or servers dropping, there will always be another survey.


Hopefully I have demonstrated that completing online surveys will not give you a living and at best will only provide you with some pocket change.

However some of the organisations pay well for your 20 minutes so if you can spare this time on a regular basis why would you not get paid for it.

Getting paid to complete surveys could pay for Christmas presents so that could be very worthwhile.

There is also no reason why you should not add this small income in with the other income streams you have.

I will leave it with you to decide.

As always I would appreciate any comments or feedback on this article.







Bye from Stewart!