Feb 17

Amazon Associate Program

We have looked at affiliate marketing and how this works.       

We have briefly touched on combining a blog with affiliate marketing.

Now I want to give some information about the opportunity that promoting products found on Amazon can give you.

Amazon Associates

Nowadays all the large online companies have an affiliate program and amazon is no different.

If you have an account with Amazon you can sign up for their associate program for free and you will be accepted virtually immediately.

Once you have been accepted you will be given your own affiliate account and you can start promoting any product on Amazon.

When you set up your account your will need to provide payment details so that you can be paid.


The commission Amazon pays is not very high ranging from 1% to 10% of a sale from your affiliate link.

Commissions are based on the number of products sold so starts at 1% up to 5 products, 6% between 6 and 630 and then 10% above that.

Commissions are paid at the end of each quarter and are only paid when $10 or more sales are achieved.

Depending on the region you live in commissions are paid in either cash or product vouchers for you to use on Amazon.

Although the commissions start low you get paid for every product bought by customers that land on Amazon from your affiliate link so the commission paid could be very high.


There are a lot of good things about promoting amazon products:

  1. Easy and free to set up
  2. Millions of diverse products so you can always find some that fits your niche
  3. Get paid for all the products purchased from your link not just the one you are promoting
  4. Easy to integrate Amazon onto your site through the plug-ins and links
  5. Lots of Word Press plug-ins
  6. Easy access to stats to check what works and what does not
  7. Trust in the company and brand
  8. Customer protection so trust in promoting
  9. Good starting place

The Cons

  1. Commission rate is low
  2. Only pays out every quarter, although this will mean monthly if you build a strong campaign strategy.
  3. They can close your account due to lack of sales without notice
  4. They do not provide a full training and support package which some other networks, such as Clickbank or Wealthy Affiliate do.
  5. Rules and offers differ from region to region
  6. If you are have traffic from all over the world then you might need to use different affiliate links.


If you are starting out on your online presence then promoting Amazon products is a good place to start.

Although the commission is small but it can soon build up and it is paid on all products purchased through you link.

You can use your Amazon link with other links and contextual programs such as adsense, mixing programs and links is a good idea anyway.

I would imagine you have used Amazon yourself so you will be able to promote them honestly and openly which people like and will build trust.

Next one in the Series

My next post will give tips on how to write a product review, the do’s and don’ts and I will provide a template to follow.

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Feb 17

A Simple Guide to Affiliate Marketing

My last post talked about the idea of starting a blog or a vlog and ultimately making some money from your content.

Today I want to talk about Affiliate Marketing, just one way of making money from you blog posts.                                                                                                  

Affiliate Marketing

Basically how this works is that companies reward their affiliates for bringing customers to their sites and products throw the affiliates own efforts.

This is a really simplistic definition and it works in practice like this:

  • Companies make their products available online and accept 3rd parties (affiliates) to promote and market their products
  • Affiliates sign up to promote the products they like or have knowledge of and promote the product on their website, providing links directly to the product.
  • Affiliates write reviews or run advertisement campaigns with the plan to drive traffic to the product web page.
  • Affiliates are rewarded in a number of ways, getting paid for the number of visits, the number of page views or by commission from each sale.
  • The affiliate will makes their decision on what products to promote based on how they will get paid and by how much.
  • More and more companies are offering affiliate programs to choose from.

Finding your Product

It is true to say that virtually every product you can buy is available to buy online.

This means that no matter what you interest or expertise is you should be able find affiliate programs you can promote on your blog/vlog.

One of the best ways of finding your affiliate links is by signing up to one of the affiliate networks.

Affiliate networks are websites that have a catalogue of companies that offer affiliate programs and you can sign up to the network for free.

The networks are a great way to find products to promote because it saves time on searching and all the work is done for you all you have to do is choose your product.

Here are a couple that I use but a search on google will give you a huge selection:

  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • Paid on Results

For more information and training click here…………it’s free!


If you have an account with amazon you can also become one of their affiliates for free.

Then all you would do is promote products found on amazon.

The commissions from amazon are small but you get commission on everything someone buys after landing on amazon from your link, so the rewards can be very lucrative indeed.

Your Blog

I mentioned in my last post that choosing your Niche is very important if you want to attract people and make money.

If you choose the right niche and use the correct keywords then there is no reason why you cannot make money from you website.

Finding the products that compliment your niche and righting reviews of the products with the affiliate links in place should create an income.

The key is to write good content and to keep writing, for more information and free training go click here.

Motivated to start

After reading this you are keen to get started I would recommend doing this step-by- step course which will get you up and running in rapid time.

You will also get full support and helpful tools which will help you get it right and it is all FREE!

Can’t be bad!!!!!

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