Jan 17

Extra Income idea Part 1:

This idea will give you some extra income and even a full-time income if you put the effort in and learn the methods.

This is so simple to start and absolutely free to start up, all it will cost you are time and commitment.

I am talking about starting your own blog or vlog.                                

My Experience

I started writing a blog a year ago and up to recently wrote two posts a week.

I had toyed with the idea of writing a blog for some time and I finally dipped my toe in after coming across the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

The guy who runs that challenges claims to show you how to make money from you blog in just 30 days if you follow his daily lessons.

I can assure you it is not that easy, and unless you get lucky you will not make money in that time.

As it turned out none of the 30 day lessons should you how to make money or even how to monetize your blog.

It did cost me money has I was steered down his Ipage affiliate link so he got a commission form my sign up. He is upfront about this and I must say Ipage is a good platform.

Despite being let down I continued with my blog and, followed other bloggers and got advice and monetize it myself.

I write my blog in my spare time not as a full-time venture so got an extra income.

Blog or Vlog, maybe both?

I have a good friend that receives a 5 figure sum from her vlogs on Youtube.

Her videos are mostly product reviews and she supplies a list of all the products reviewed and a link to them, obviously her affiliate link.

Whether you write a blog, shoot a vlog or combine both you can start them up at zero cost.

You can also record podcasts and have a combination of all three.

Getting started

There are a few things to think about before you start a blog or vlog.

  1. You will need to decide on your Niche and this is the probably the biggest and most important decision you will need to make.
  2. You will need to choose the platform you will use and where the blog will be hosted, lots of choice here.
  3. Will you start off with a free platform to get started or will you buy you own domain at the start?

Depending on how you want to make money from your postings will determine the best way forward.

There is no doubt that having your own domain is the best option and something you will most likely wish to obtain.

I would advise you to start slowly and build up, so starting with a free platform would be okay. However platforms like blogger will not let you use your own domain so find a free platform that will allow you to transfer your site to your new domain.

I have to recommend wealth affiliate as a place to start because you will get access to free training, hosting and tolls to help you find a niche.

You can also buy your own domain there, when ready, and can transfer you blog/vlog at a selection of a button.


I would advise picking a subject that you are knowledgeable about or interested about.

Your success depends on giving your followers information that they do not already have so that they can make a decision, so better to talk about something that you are a bit on an expert on or something your want to be an expert on.

If you need some help deciding on your niche click this link, you will get some ideas.


The biggest mistake people make is to try and make money from their site straight away.

They fill their site with affiliate links or add google adsense before they have built traffic.

So do not be in a hurry and take the time to write or deliver a number of good of good posts and build a following.

Once you have the traffic coming to your site and tour ranking on google is climbing then you can think about how you are going to make some money.

Some options to consider:

  1. Affilliate Marketing
  2. Reviewing Products
  3. Selling your own products
  4. Selling ebooks
  5. Contextural Marketing (Google Adsense or similar)

Many more if you do some investigation.

My Advice

  1. Start of small with a free or cheap setup
  2. Choose one that gives support and training
  3. Research your Niche
  4. Start writing immediately, you will get better
  5. Do not be in a hurry to make money, enjoy what you are doing
  6. Do not be afraid to ask for help
  7. Follow successful bloggers model.

If I have motivated you get started to can be up and running with your own site in seconds and if you do not know how to build a website then you can get free training here:

The best thing you can do now is get started!!!

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Bye from Stewart!