1in 2 employed in the UK hate their job

According to a survey conducted in 2015, 50% of the employed population in the UK   would rather have a different job and career.

This number increased to 59% in a 2017 poll conducted by Investinginpeople.com

Money is not a motivator for career change

The London School of Business & Finance interviewed 1000, male and female, professionals of all ages, across the UK.

They found that 47% wanted to changes their jobs and that 1 in 5 was looking to change careers within the next 12 months.

It was noted that not all of the respondents looking for a change, are looking for an improved salary and that finding a Work/Life balance was the driving force.

Around 25% of the respondents also believed they had made the wrong career decision.

Breaking down the numbers unhappy into age groups brings no surprises:

66% were in the 18-24 year age range

30% in the 25-34 range

The people surveyed 35 and older were more settled and were looking for security in employment and were beginning to plan for the end of their career.

Why people did not change careers

In all the surveys and interviews conducted the majority of respondents gave the same answer to the above question.

The main reason that people did not change the job they dislike is financial fear and the risk to their lifestyle.

They would rather be unhappy at work and have a secure income than change jobs and be happy, but how secure is secure in these times?

Companies are going to the wall every day and public sector organisations are making cuts every day to make ends meet.

Working for an employer is no more secure than working for yourself! 

One problem unhappy employees have

One problem that people, who are unhappy at work, have is that they really do not know what they want to do.

They have not taken the time to figure out what they are good at or what type of work would fulfill them.

They may not even know what their own core values and beliefs are, therefore they may be unhappy at work because the work they are doing is not aligned with their values and beliefs.

Test out your fear of change

We have talked about the main reason people do not change jobs is due to the fear of the unknown.

If people could try out the change while still being employed then this ceases to be a problem

The best scenario would be to start a new career in our spare time, build it up and when the time is right, give up our old career.

If you want some ideas on a part time career look here.

Decisions are made

Based on the basis of pain and pleasure!

We make decisions on the basis of avoiding pain or by experiencing pleasure.

So if we stay in a job we do not like because of the fear of change then this is avoiding pain but we are missing out on the pleasure of being happy in our work.

If you are unhappy at work you can find some happiness just by starting the process of changing your job and that starts with the decision.









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  1. Christopher De La Hoz

    Great post Stewart,

    This is definitely true that fear of change is a main reason people are stuck in their current situations. I also agree that if we let this fear control us, we will never take a chance to better ourselves. Great work Stewart.


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