Feb 18

Online Business-All you need under one bonnet

Running your own business or thinking about starting one?

How easy would it be if you could get everything you need to be an online success from one place?

Everything from hosting, training, help and assistance, authoring tools, keyword search tools, analytics, hundreds of design templates, design software, affiliate program, SEO optimizing and access to online traffic.

Well there is such a place – Wealthy Affiliate (read my review)


You can have 2 free sites hosted at WA

As a paid member you can have up to 50 sites hosted for the one monthly fee.

Compare this with other hosting companies:


There is access to training and help resources on all subjects connected with being online.

There is also affiliate marketing course and an online entrepreneur course which are both accredited.

Members are putting training up on the community every day on a whole range of subjects.

Site Builder software

Access to the full range of WordPress products and services with instruction training and video to help you get your site up and running.

Because you will use WordPress it means you can do not have to log into the hosting company to manage your site.

Other hosting companies use their own software so you must log on their site to do any editing

Keyword search and competitor research tool

Within WA there is a free keyword search and analysis tool which will give you data on the success of your keywords and will also show the competition you may face.

If you sign up you can also get a free membership of the propriety keyword tool Jaaxy, and get 30 free searches.

There is far more date to capture from Jaaxy.

To understand the importance of keywords for your success take this lesson Understanding Keywords

Access to 1000s of people that will visit your site

WA is not just a hosting platform it is really an online community of like-minded people and people who have the same ambitions and goals.

This means you can help and support from successful people and chat with others that are going through or been through the same steps as you.

Again the training is vast and is unbeatable by any other platform

All this and more in one place


I challenge you all to find another provider online that you will get everything you need under one bonnet.




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Bye from Stewart!

Feb 18

Making Money from your Strengths

Are you good at something?

Are you knowledgeable in a particular field?

Do you have years of experience dealing with certain issues?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you could make money from your strength and experiences.

Your strength is other people’s weakness and they may pay for your help and advice.

For example I have years of experience as a union rep and have represented lots of people and lots of different issues. I could start offering advice online to employees who do not have representation and have an issue at work.

Where to Start  

  • Make a list of what you are good at or the subjects that you are best at. Then rate them on ease of implementation, cost, time and other criteria of choice.
  • Then research the internet to find out what the competition looks like and what do they offer. To help you out in your research you could run some free keyword searches at Jaaxy to feel out the competition.
  • Define your niche again doing a keyword search will help
  • Decide on the type of customer are you are going to cater too. This is a very important step because it will be the basis of any marketing campaigns and how your website will look.
  • Decide on how you are going to get the word out and how much time it will take
  • Make a budget
  • Build a business plan and a task list and break it down to small do-able chunks
  • Start on the first task
  • And do not set high expectations, better to set small moderate and exceed


You will need to be patient because most successful businesses did not make it overnight and it was a long slog

Be happy at making a start and by completing the tasks because this will move you forward and try not to get stressed.

Take from one that knows it is very easy to get stressed when it things are not happening as you expect and easy to get frustrated and demotivated when expectations you have set are not delivered

Hang in there and connect with motivated people on line you can do that here.

The key is

Be honest with yourself and do not belittle your own abilities, knowledge and achievements.

The things you know and have learned maybe of value to others.

You have nothing to lose and all to gain!







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Bye from Stewart!

Jan 18

Start the New Year with a Positive Action

We very often start the New Year on a positive mood and with all good intentions to make a change or to do better.

Very often we never do anything or make these moves to change

So I challenge you make 2018 different this time.

Take a little positive step to get the ball rolling and take an action.       

Learn a new skill or art

An idea would be to learn new skills or gain more knowledge.

You can take a free web-marketing course at WA where you will learn to build a website and market yourself, niche or products.

You can also join the Affiliate course for free and make some money.

All positive stuff!!

Filter Resolutions

Ideally you will have only made one resolution or two at most, anymore will mean some will fall by the wayside

If you have made a few then I advise picking the one that is most important to you and scope it out. Make a list of actions and do one at a time

Don’t put a deadline for completion better to resolve to complete one task each day/week/month to get it done.

Chunk it down!!!!

Do not be afraid to get help

If you find it difficult to start or you come to a blockage do not be ashamed to get help or advice.

If you are looking to change career it might be wise to talk through your ideas with a neutral or mentor.

Just talking things through can be very motivating and often recharges us and gives us the momentum to clear a blockage.

I am a qualified Life Coach and happy to listen to you and give some advice, check out my website: www.stewartwalkercoaching.co.uk

Always good to get a second opinion!

It’s Just Important

To make a start and to keep going no matter how slowly

Life is a marathon and not a race.

Every step will take you closure to your objective.


Wishing you a prosperous 2018




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Bye from Stewart!